Who we are

Junxin is an online stock brokerage, liaise with the Interactive Brokers through an API database connection. The online platform provides stock and future trading services covering the mainstream securities market, such as American, Hong Kong and other global markets. The platform also enables real-time trade and pending orders on all stock and future exchanges.
Junxin’s target is to be providing our clients a flexible way of investment and being a gateway to build their global portfolios. Junxin is committed to serving the best interests of stock investors and maximizing the return on their investment.


1. Authority Certification.
2. Capital Security.
3. Very Low Cost.
4. 24H Professional Customer Support.
5. Client’s funds are held in stand-alone account.

Investment Guarantee

Through its clearing firm, Interactive Brokers(IBLLC) , all Junxin Security' customer money is segregated in special banks (For more details, please refer here) or custody accounts, which are designated for the exclusive benefit of customers of IB.

The clearing firm is also required by SEC and FINRA to perform a detailed reconciliation of Junxin Security' customer money and securities at least weekly to ensure that customer monies are properly segregated from the broker-dealer's own funds.


Junxin Security is operated by experienced financial team, and actively explore the international market. The team’s members have accumulated abundant experience of global financial markets and internet technologies from their previous positions at Tencent Holdings Ltd, Alibaba Group, Baidu Inc, Yahoo Inc and other well-known financial institutions and IT companies.